‘Just mention hein and everyone knows what you mean.’

‘We’re more open now. People speak up about things that should be improved, and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with hein’, Don Huberts, General Director of Linde Gas Benelux during the hein phase.

By Jurjen de Jong

‘Hein was introduced here as a method to promote safe behaviour. That always stayed a central component, but we also stretched the concept to “ more open communication", when our employee satisfaction poll showed that was a real point we could improve on.

You can adapt hein to any situation you want, and Jules Heijneman was very flexible in that sense. We started a project for all employees in the Benelux area, including a number of contractors: a total of 850 people. The process of development we started is exactly that: a process. I’ve seen that open communication isn’t always appreciated, so how do you react to that? Simply by trying again! Could you have used better arguments, or made your point differently? We discussed this during our hein sessions, and we’re already seeing improvements. Then there’s a point that people often forget: you just have to mention hein and everyone knows what you mean. I’m very interested in the results of the next employee satisfaction poll.'